Ratings: 4.5/5⭐
Genre: Fiction; Fantasy
Number of Pages: 340
Format: Kindle
Publication Date: November 19, 2018
Publisher: Independently Published


Ankido Gulzar, a twelve- year- old British- Iraqi boy, is an admirer and dreamer of words. One morning, Habubti, his grandmother comes up to him and tells him that his father , who’s a distinguished archaeologist, is missing as he went for one of his field trips in Iraq. Habubti entrusts Ankido with a book titled “The Land Of Mesopo” and a quill in a small, red box and leaves him in the care of his uncle and aunt, to look for his father. As soon as Habubti is gone, Aunt Geraldine, in lure of the Gulzar Estate, decides to send Ankido to a boarding school. But fate has decided something else and he lands in the desert leading to the Library of Nineveh, which connects the fantasy world (Mesopo) with the real world.
There he meets Scribe Mohan and Zinaida, who tell him that something terrible has happened and Mesopo is ill as innumerable words have been stolen from it. His grandmother and father are stuck there and only he, who is the new “Tale Smith” can save them and the rest of Mesopo. The long quest with Humbaba, the word thief and all the adventures included, makes this one a very interesting read.

“You must never think of the whole road at once. You must only occupy your mind with the next step. And the next. And the next. And before you know it, you have reached the end of the road.”


Mesopo by Eva Dietrich is an intriguing read. I loved the book for it’s vivid description of the fantasy land of Mesopo, from where all the stories origin. The story and plot is very simple and easy. The writing is pretty lucid, keeping in mind that it’s a book for ten year olds. There are images added in between the chapters, and trust me you’ll always like books with pictures no matter how old you are!

Through the story, the author tries to highlight the importance of words, stories and books in our lives and tries to make us believe that the only boundary is our imagination. The characters are so vibrant that you’re bound to like them. Initially the book is a slow read but after a few chapters, it gains pace and you can’t put it down till you’ve reached the last page. I’d highly recommend this book!


Eva Dietrich is the author of The Great Rainbow Hug (Le gros câlin arc-en-ciel, from Samir Editeur, 2011), recognized by La Revue Des Livres Pour Enfants in 2011 as their annual selection. Eva holds Masters’ Degrees in Children’s Literature from the University of Surrey, London and Creative Writing from the Metropolitan University of Manchester, UK, and is the founder and director of Aladdin Books. She is equal parts Spanish and German, and currently resides in Madrid with her three kids, three dogs, two cats, three rabbits and lots of hens.

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